A single broken lamp

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A single broken lamp lit the decrepit hotel room in Hollywood California, just off Sunset boulevard, in the midst of it all. We discovered this gem of a place while driving by one afternoon randomly. And what a gem it was. The hotel was dark and had an unsettling creepy energy to it. The parking lot full of old classic cars but not a single person anywhere in sight. The empty 60 year old pool that hasn’t been occupied in probably a century. The elderly man at the front desk, reading the oldest bible I’ve ever seen out loud and with no teeth. Everything old, withered and covered in dust. Full of history and cockroaches. We sat on the floor of the hotel room as the sun went down and explored the darkness with in me. The darkness that everyone knows they have somewhere hiding deep down. The darkness that we all try to hide. I let it all out.

Photos by Gavin Von Karls.

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