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London-based visual artist Ada Sokol invites us into her universe of visual art projects, combining them in 3D environments and hand-drawn illustrations always driven by strong intentions of showing fashion and art from different perspectives and in new, uncreated ways.

Born in Poland as a part of the last generation of the pre-internet era, Ada gets inspired from both the offline and the digital world. On one hand she followed the technological development closely and on the other, she also had the chance to develop traditional manual skills.


How would you describe the analog/digital balance in your work?
Ada Sokol: I’m always trying to find a balance between contemporary and classical work. I’m feeling that soon people won’t be able to use their manual skills, which I find primitive. Now a days, everything is getting temporary, effortless and accelerated, everyone wants to create and be ‘artists.’ I’m glad that I was bred by a 3D designer, it gave me so much imagination about creativity. 3D is a powerful invention and an extensive world to explore. It’s even tricky sometimes how effortless you can drown in unreality with 3D softwares, she says.

What is your focus in the future, how do you further develop your work?
Ada Sokol: In the future I would like to specialize in my own, new media related to my favorites. It’s unclear now, but the last years I was focused on learning as much as I could, getting results and making as many interesting collaborations as I could manage to. Now I think it’s time to think more about the concepts behind my work, grind my present skills and experiment with mixing them, she says.


You did the editorial for TANK magazine, a combination of illustrations and 3D’s with special selection of LC:M collections. What other interesting project have you been engaged in recently?
Ada Sokol: During the previous year I did collaboration with Primitive London- with Andrew Grune I worked on interactive editorial site, aIso I made few 3d visual projects for Contemporary Primitive Boutique connected with scanning clothes. Another collab I’ve made was with New Ultra Group. We did photo campaigns and limousine service event during recent Women’s Wear at London Fashion Week.

To see more of Adas work check out her Instagram or her website.

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