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My collages are the result of a long-lasting consideration of contemporaneous magazines, catalogues and books. I flip through these magazines to discover juicy and fresh faces and bodies which I can use for my work. Then I cut out out the images and file them in various boxes. Filed by size or colour, I begin to arrange them.

Because my virtual work is very simple, this preparation must come to the point accurately. But I love this fieldwork: flipping through magazines is like going on a journey of exploration. And after this hunt I bring several eyes, lips, noses, legs or bodies with me… Like a hunter I enjoy this form of dissection and exploration of these trophies.

I want to confront people and make them reflect on the visual bombing we are all subject to in our daily lives. I want to break their habits with my collages and distort their perspective and brainless consumption of photographs. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder! I demonstrate the beholder’s addiction to sensation. My collages loves being gawped at. They are trojan horses.

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