Arca releases music video for “Thievery”

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Venezuelan producer Arca just released a new music video for his single “Thievery” made by his long-time collaborator Jesse Kanda. Arca has received some well deserved attention the last couple of years by being on the producer list of Kanye’s album “Yeezus”, collaborating with FKA Twigs and recently it was announced that he is co-producing Björk’s coming album. The result of the combination between Arca’s dark and twisted beats and Björk’s powerful voice is something we at Dry Magazine look very much forward to experience.

The video for “Thievery” is a new take on the twerk-trend with a CGI animated almost asexual woman dancing to Arca’s mesmerizing beats. The woman dancing is portraying Arca’s feminine alter-ego “Xen”. In The Fader’s recent cover story on Arca, his collaborator and house-mate Jesse Kanda describes Xen as such:

“Alejandro (Arca) is very multi-sided as a personality, and he can sometimes become what we call Xen, jokingly. And it’s this very sassy, confident, very feminine side of him. And it’s like, ‘Ohhhh, she’s out,’ we say—mainly when we’re smoking weed, just fucking around. ‘Xen’s out.’ And he’s, like, going crazy, changing his outfits or whatever. That’s Xen inside of him. It’s this kind of ghost. A spirit. Alejandro’s spirit.”

The video has some common characteristics with Kanye’s video for “Black Skinhead ” which also features Kanye as an animated figure in a dark, simple and on-purpose DIY aesthetic. Take a look at the Black Skinhead video here and see for yourself if you think Kanda took some inspiration from it. No matter what is it a beautiful and astounding video for an amazing track, commenting perfectly on every twerking music video out there like Aphex Twin’s video for “Windowlicker” did on the excess of late 90’ies rap videos.

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