Arkadius comments on fashion’s overproduction

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Arkadius by Pawel Tkaczyk

Arkadius is making the second collection of Politically Incorrect Fashion called “INVISIBLE”. The Invisible Collection is a protest against overproduction in the Fashion Industry. An objection to the Fashion Industry’s ruthlessness of pushing people to buy more and more! An emphatic rejection of the Fashion Industry’s cruelty of using people, creative designers to an inhuman overwork, as well as cheap sweatshop factories to produce more and more while spending less and less! The time has come to stop and reconsider the way that today’s Fashion Industry exploits rather than inspires!

The Advertising Campaign of the INVISIBLE COLLECTION has been photographed by Polish Artist Pawel Tkaczyk. Pawel beautifully captures the essence of humanity and each photograph is a very powerful image taken from everyday moments of life. Each photograph is a limited edition of 10 and they can also be purchased online. He jokingly refers to the quote about minimalism in Fashion: “Less is More”. In the new season “Invisible is the New Black”

Arkadius by Pawel Tkaczyk Arkadius by Pawel Tkaczyk Arkadius by Pawel Tkaczyk Arkadius by Pawel Tkaczyk

Today’s Fashion Industry is governed by greed and not by vision or talent. Innovation cannot get round the financial hurdles of getting to market. New talent will never get an editorial in a high profile magazine without buying advertising space. There is plenty of talent coming out of the top fashion schools, but it cannot find support to develop away from the brutal limitations of the current system. As a protest to the above, this collection is simply invisible!

The colours of the entire collection are INVISIBLE, the textures of the fabrics depend on your imagination and your personal creativity. In other words, you either walk naked or you reinvent your existing wardrobe in the way you wish, and say NO to those companies, which notoriously use sweatshops in which people work in the most inhumane conditions.

Arkadius by Pawel Tkaczyk Arkadius by Pawel Tkaczyk

Arkadius treats this subject with irony and tenderness by personally choosing artists who will illustrate each INVISIBLE garment, to be sold in the future in their P-iFashion online shop.  So, the only visible item you will get while purchasing the INVISIBLE COLLECTION will be either a hand drawn limited edition illustration or a limited edition photograph, which come with a Certificate of Origin signed by the chosen artist, Arkadius or the Photographer. Each illustration is different and unique!

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”. Coco Chanel.

Arkadius by Pawel Tkaczyk Arkadius by Pawel Tkaczyk Arkadius by Pawel Tkaczyk Arkadius by Pawel Tkaczyk Arkadius by Pawel Tkaczyk

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