Backstage at Barbara Í Gongini AW15

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The place is Copenhagen City Hall, Barbara Í Gongini is about to have a show. On a daily basis these halls are filled with politicians and other people in suits. Today fairy looking models dressed in black with hair bigger than what seem possible walks around. One of these beautiful creatures is model May Simón.

May Simón

How is it to be part of Barbara Í Gongini’s show?
May Simón: It’s really lovely, there’s always a relaxed atmosphere. The clothes are amazing, the makeup is on point – people are so professional and really in it for sake of art.

What are you thinking about whilst walking down the catwalk?
May Simón: I just feel the moment, I feel the rhythm and then I think to myself: “Yes you own the damn world right now – and it’s damn fine!”

What do you think of Barbara as a designer?
May Simón: Barbara is very amazing she knows what she wants, and she has a clear vision about it. She has built up a fantastic team. Watching Barbara’s team, they all look like very fashionable clones of her.

You told us before that you have specifically chosen only to take part in Barbara’s show for this season of fashion week, how comes?
May Simón: That’s because I think Barbara has some amazing visions and I think her work is more artistic. I love to support fashion that pushes the limits to what people think they are “supposed” to wear.


Barbara Í Gongini

Do you have three keywords for collection?
Barbara í Gongini: We have something called upcycling, a lot of layering and it’s a very textile collection, using everything from linen to fur and leather.

How do you create the best possible experience for your show?
Barbara í Gongini: It’s about connecting the masculine and the feminine in this show. In some ways we moved the feminine over to the masculine side and vice versa. It’s all about creating a balance, to allow the feminine high heels or masculine flats with men’s trousers at the same time.

What is your favourite colour?
Barbara í Gongini: The thing is that I don’t consider black as a “colour” in my colour terminology. It’s typically used in the avant-garde scene, because it works so amazingly with forms. That’s a perfectly legitimate reason for always using black or monochrome. But otherwise I’m just a sucker for all colours. I actually don’t have a favourite colour, but black is my specialty.

What is your eternal inspiration?
Barbara í Gongini: I think it is in whom you are, where you come from. I find my main inspiration in the Nordic violent nature. I come from the Faroe Islands where there are outbursts and not too much silence in the nature. The mist, the moist and the 365 days a year where it is pouring down. Otherwise I have that one eternal square that always returns and inspire me. I think it’s interesting to see how long the square can remain open. It has followed me throughout my entire career, you might say it’s still there, and that seems a little funny to me. So “square” is perhaps also a keyword.

Text: Noa Leroy.
Photography: Chris Calmer.

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