Backstage: Barbara í Gongini

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Backstage at Barbara í Gongini

Of all the fashion shows I have been to, I must admit that the backstage scene of the Barbara Ì Gongini show is just about the calmest I have ever experienced.

Even though her collection was the opening show for the entire Copenhagen Fashion Week SS15.

In between the glitter and glamour, photographers and dressers I spoke some words with Benjamin, one of the male models and Barbara herself.



What will be the most fun part when walking the show?

Well, I actually have to wear something a little crazy out on the runway with one of my co-models. Besides just walking we have a little act to perform.

What goes through your mind the second you walk out on the runway?

“Fuck… my contact lenses.” They always dry out and it gives me this blurred vision when walking.

What is your opinion of Barbara as a designer?

My opinion is that she is doing an amazing job, especially this year. She uses these special sorts of leather that I haven’t seen before. She separates herself from the crowd and she knows how to pull off asymmetry, which not a lot of designers know how to do.


Barbara í Gongini

Is there a main theme for the show?

I worked with a lot of layers and openings. Focusing on every part of the body with movement such as shoulders and knees. I want to emphasize the body’s anatomy. And I have given everything sort of this Oliver Twist theme.

What are you most proud of in this collection?

That it contains different directions. I am very happy about the two lines for men and women and all of the details there are in it. Also I feel proud and happy about the styling process that runs alongside with the collection.

Tell me your favorite thing about fashion week

Leading the product one hundred percent to the finish line. Suddenly all of your senses just let loose and you create a lot more. Fashion Week is where you get to experience how it all just adds up.

Is there any chance you would get tired of hosting shows?

No. The tension has been too high for so long. I love that I get to see all of my pieces like this. The greatest moment is this right now: lining all the models op and seeing your hard work in front of you.

Barbara delivered a show that reflected the vibe I sensed backstage: control, calmness and determination. Her collection seemed like darkness, fluorescent fabrics and quality wrapped up in one. The models walked down the runway in pairs, only to stop halfway, where they performed 10 to 15 seconds of body language to really show of the beautiful garment and its flexibility.

Interview by Sidsel Welden
Photography by Chris Calmer,

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