Bart Hess liquifies the human body

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Bart Hess is a designer and material manipulator working within several fields combining material studies, animation and photography. Bart developed his interest in distinctive textiles when studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven. He is an expert on new odd materials, and playing with fabrics that are not organic or commonly seen in the fashion world, such as blended plastics, metallic’s, silicon’s and technical foils. Soapy, bubbly and molecular are keywords in Hess’ work. By playing with the grotesque and macabre, Hess explains that the tries “to find a balance between beauty and disgust or horror”.

During the past six years, Hess has developed an impressive list of work. He has pinned, stretched, slimed and scraped materials in relation to the human body, and collaborated with names like Lucy McRae, Nick Knight, Lady Gaga, Iris van Herpen and Walter van Beirendonck.

In one of Bart Hess’ works, called Liquified (2012), he plays with a wide range of slime-like substances, that are draped on a model to create transparant drops and draperies to blur the line between material and skin. Hess showed his work through a series of images and performances which later got noticed by Nick Knight who shot the album cover of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. Hess says,

“It felt like a natural instinct for me to start working on the body. When I create a new design I always place it on my own skin even-though it originally was created as, for example, a flooring material. The fascinating thing about it for me is the combination of a skin and a material. By using a material on the body that is not the body’s own, but making it look like it could possibly be, I create a tension between the body and material.”

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