Between fetish and art

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Some people experience sexual excitement from BDSM, roleplay and exhibitionism, others from body fluids, body size or head hair. Then there is a group that gets excited by wearing certain types of underwear, or watching somebody putting underwear on, or taking it off. The list is long and more wide-spread than one might think.

Many fetishes arises from special materials such as leather, rubber, paint, PVC, nylon, silk, satin, and also Lycra. Also clothing, dress shoes, boots, handbags and other things can be the subject of fetishism. Another quite common form is pantyhose fetishism where one finds women pantyhose exciting.

Pantyhose fetishism is a quite common fetish and is suggested to emerge in early childhood and/or during the youth. It falls under the category of underwear and emphasizing the shape of the female form. Pantyhose also refers to nakedness without sharing any actual flesh, and it’s something that can easily be ripped and torn due to the fragile material.

Fetish imagery can often be very amateurish, tacky and porn-like. When you see it you have no doubt that it’s taken from some fetish website or cheap sex magazine. On the other hand we have acclaimed artists like Nobuyoshi Araki and Romain Slocombe who use their fetishes as inspiration and drive for their art. In the intersection between those two fields, there are these people where when looking at their imagery it can be hard to define whether to describe their photos as art or fetish. And to know what their intention is with sharing their images.

Here are three different fetishists that push these boundaries of art and fetish. First we have Sarka Encasement – a woman with a fetish for wearing tights. She has made an account on Flickr where she shows pictures of herself, covered from tip to toe in multiple layers of nylon in different colors.

All covered in pantyhose, Sarkas facial features become squashed, the sense of touch and smell is compromised, her eyesight hindered and access to mouth and hearing is denied. As all her senses disappear, she almost become less human, more alien.

Sarka Encasement Sarka Encasement Sarka Encasement

Next we have Joe Vanos, a 37 years old middle class man taking self portraits of himself covering his face with tights and other domestic materials. He experiments with different kinds of materials as latex gloves or satin shirts, but most of the time he wears women’s stockings to disfigure himself to the point of having no recognizable identity.

Sarka Encasement Sarka Encasement Sarka Encasement

Last but not least, we bumped into the man behind the Flickr account 2041, – a retired electrical engineer from London started to publish images of himself completely covered in veils. He spends hours at home dressing up in cloaks, niqabs, satin sheets and scarves – because he likes the texture on his skin and the privacy and anonymity it gives him. After have been discovered by Here Press, 2041’s images have been published in a book, covering a selection of over 60,000 images of him all dressed in fabrics.

Sarka Encasement Sarka Encasement

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