Dry Tapes – Keep Shelly in Athens

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Keep Shelly in Athens, a duo based in (not that hard to guess) Athens put up together our eighth mixtape, which is also the first mixtape of this new year. In the beginning of 2014 the band went through some changes, when Sarah P left the group and Myrtha became the new lead singer to collaborate further with RΠЯ on their new album release, which will happen later this year.

The crisp sounds in the beginning of the mix will sneak up on you, easily becoming the soundtrack that will nostalgically carry you away from yet another fatigue Monday. The mellow downtempo waves that are brought into the room might be just perfect for this grey afternoon, when distraction is something that we all try to avoid, but end up falling helplessly in it’s trap .

Notis aka RΠЯ was the one answering our questions, which will reveal a bit more on what they’re all about.

If you could pick any movie, which one would you like to have used your songs as their soundtrack?
Any film from Christopher Nolan

Without using genres, how would you describe the music you make?
The Guardian put it nicely: “They’ll make you happy to feel sad”.

Name three things you couldn’t go without while touring.
A portable media player, a green t-shirt and a hoodie.

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