Dry Tapes: Mr. Statik

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Dry Tapes – Mr. Statik by Drymag on Mixcloud

In this edition of “Dry Tapes” the tape is put together by the Greek DJ/producer Mr. Statik. “Having spent almost the entire summer packing and unpacking, preparing details for my recent move to Berlin I took a lil’ step back from clubbing (and club music too for that matter). This mixtape is mainly comprised of music that kept me company one way or the other all this time and pretty much reflects that, my parallel love for cinematic soundscapes, bottom end sub frequencies, sci fi memorabilia and artistic problematics. It also helps gaining a certain perspective when you’re back on the dancefloor, for me story telling is one of the most important – if not THE – attributes a jockey should have, in my honest opinion we need more patiently crafted mysticism these days. Plus there’s one unreleased track from an new upcoming side project from yours truly, can you guess which one?” Statik explains about this laidback mixtape perfect for late evenings.

Mr. Statik, aka Stathis Kalatzis, born in 1978, is known to many from his hugely successful residency at Athens’ place-to-be, ‘Six D.O.G.S’. Originally heavily influenced by the 90′s breakbeat and early hardcore scene, Statik went on to gain international recognition in the contemporary techno scene, a long standing contribution to the community that included numerous slots at many international renowned festivals and releases on some of the world’s leading house and techno labels.

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