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Garrett Perry recently updated his website with a body of new work. I asked him what was going through his mind while creating it and he hit me back with this:

This is a rant, a manifesto:

does my diabetic cat need an insulin shot? why am i drinking a warm beer? why the fuck am i painting? am i going deaf? what happens if? was art school a joke? am i too old to be an “emerging artist”? why am i so jaded? is this shit a joke or is this a shit joke? what would happen if twin peaks was never canceled? could i make “better” work if i quit drinking? should i quit “art”? why do shitty artists get shows? why am i so jaded? should i be more pretentiously ambiguous? should i just quit? what the fuck? when i am dead will anyone care? should i drink another warm beer? why do i compare everything i do to everything i dont? do i give a fuck? can i rule the world? should i get my hands dirty? can i be all i can be? will “god” get the message?

This body of works represents a time where i was questioning what it means to be a painter in “contemporary art”. I was using painting as a reference for referencing the idea of painting. I was subjectively doing what every painter has done for the last 50 years? I questioned semantics and visual sign bull shit by creating a fictional biography. Every painting is like a sentence within a paragraph within a language i do not understated.
I feel like there’s a real dirty David lynch vibe in this bull shit

With the chirscap and all the bull shit

things are bleak in life. people die. if you can find a treasure, keeo iu. its mights be garbag bu t if it mak e yinz happ ie th a n goo  oo foo ittt. gi

i aint a saint

g  rs ttttrrrr pass the bottle

i gi fgd      84

g    ig it.  qu i t actina all sens tibe and shit

art dealer living like a blood dealer.

lotta blood on his hands

im bout to catch my first offense with the homies

turn to a million and we all rich

back to reality we poor bitch

art signs out da window ya biiscsh

the one in fron ta art fo eva

i fuck y am ain bia ch

th ats just how i feel

trying to ki ll me srrows

im live my life the motha fuckin way i wanna

2 hunda shots bang

fadded drank dr en k dr enk

stop comparing my to painters cause they in they moment

art game fucked up boi, what

“Art game fucked up, boy, fuck you think I art for?”

i gotchu my painta hold on, i gotchu my painta hold on , i gotchu my painta hold on
Every painting is like a sentence within a paragraph within a language i do not understated. why did twin peaks get canceled?

im going deaf, but at least when i do i aint gotta listen to your BULLSHIT.

– Dictated but not read.

Garrett Brandon Perry

More of Perry’s work at

Post by Jesse Draxler,

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