Gemma Lee Farrell goes nude for Millicent Hailes

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Millicent Hailes is back. The young London-based photographer whose powerful portrait of doll-like Josephine Lee aka. BabyAlmondEyes aka. wifislilangel from our interview with Millicent in the latest issue of Dry, should be familiar to all readers of Dry Magazine. Millicent’s photography focuses on female beauty and to her beautiful women are strong, sexy and powerful. In her latest video for Dry, she captured the beauty of Playboy model Gemma Lee Farrell. We asked Millicent a few questions about the shoot.

What were your expectations about collaborating with Gemma Lee Farrell?
Millicent Hailes: I was very excited to meet Gemma. She seemed very lovely when we were speaking about the shoot beforehand and very open about ideas too.

I guess being a Playboy model would need a great amount of confidence. Did you sense that from Gemma while shooting?
Millicent Hailes: Yes I guess so. I am sure as a model you’d have to have a certain amount of confidence to meet new people and be in front of the camera. She was confident in a way that was endearing and very likeable.

How did the shoot happen?
Millicent Hailes: I found Gemma through Instagram and contacted her asking to shoot. We had a back and forth, talking about the shoot and swapping ideas.


What did you learn from meeting Gemma? Did she change any preconceptions you might have had about a Playboy model?
Millicent Hailes: I am not sure I’ve ever had any preconceptions about playboy models. I primarily wanted to shoot with Gemma because she seemed very sweet, fun, likeable, strong and of course to me, attractive.

Do you think too many prejudices and associations are related to nakedness?
Millicent Hailes: Yes of course, although it’s all down to context. Being nude for art is different then being nude for porn, but that’s another question altogether. The lines between now are so blurred, it’s fascinating really to push it further.

I can see that you have worked mostly with young female beauty. What is the reason behind that?
Millicent Hailes: As I said above, I see beauty through strength, sexuality and powerful women so of course I’d want to surround myself with that and shoot what I love and am inspired by.

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