Gooms: Adventures, schizophrenia and chaos

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Gooms is the name of the Danish band consisting of four young guys (Aske Zidore, Jens Ramon, Lasse Bækby Buch and Suni Zacharis) who for several years has been part of the Danish alternative music scene. They are blending together all the knowledge from their musical backgrounds into an inspiring dreamy universe. It’s hard not to be engulfed by their psychedelic and chaotic tones.

We had band member Suni Zacharias answer a few questions.

It’s hard to find an actual genre for your music, and I have read many unique adjectives in previous reviews of your music. What genre and adjective describe your music in your own words?
Gooms: Adventures, schizophrenic and chaotic, could be three good words to use in that regard. Genre wise it would perhaps be called deroute pop or something.

How became the idea to create music together under the name Gooms alive? And why the name Gooms?
Gooms: Aske and I have made music together on and off, since 2002, and in 2009 we went for it once more. We made a lot of song sketches, especially during our half year stay in California and Oregon. That was also when we came up with the band name. A mixture between the X-Files creeper Tooms and the friend of a friend named Goomie

Where does the love of kitsch horror inspired look at your cove comes from? And in general the psychedelic style of your music videos and your website?
Gooms: It’s really just a messy mixture of things we dig.. Jens and I especially have a soft spot for kitschy cult-horror and sci-fi. Aske is really good at capturing the atmosphere. He made the cover, and a large part of the videos. I think the cover captures the recording process very well. The house is where we lived in San Diego, and the horrific eyes belongs to our horrific landlady.


How was it to work on “Beyond life” on the US west coast?
Gooms: It was in many ways amazing. It was an adventure, and we experienced a lot, but we also chilled out a lot. We came home with a lot of music, but looking back on the process we were making a lot of sketches individually and not so much together. Our different parts became more linked together when we got back home, and Jens and Lasse became part of the group. I think the way we make music together now is much more immediate and collective.

Do you think that it had looked/sounded different if it had not been recorded abroad?
Gooms: Maybe. I don’t think the album would contain so many parts and changes. When I hear some of the songs I re-experience periods of that trip. I do think that not having anything else to do, but to make music or playing video games etc. created an arsenal of ideas that we brought into the studio in Denmark.

Do you have a special song, which is stuck on your brain at the moment? Perhaps a guilty pleasure song?
Gooms: Right now its the Lightning Bolt song “The Metal East”. I listened to it in the shower this morning.

What is your own best concert experience through your musical career?
Gooms: I think that some the ones we agree on is one in Madrid in september, and one at Osramhuset in Copenhagen. Cool stuff.

What is the plan for Gooms in 2016?
Gooms: Recording and releasing stuff. We have already recorded a lot of interesting stuff this year, so we will continue that proces.

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