Guest Posts: Martin Brodin (MD Disco) interview by HMWL

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In this edition of Dry Magazine guest posts, our friends from House Music With Love did an interview with Swedish DJ, producer and record-label owner Martin Brodin.

You’ve been running a record store in Malmö. Tell us about that time.

Woow, how long time do you have?  I can tell you lots of stories of people I’ve met and all the gossip. It was simply put an amazing time in Malmö at the time. I think club music started to have its peak around the same time. I ran the store between 1996-2001 and being the center hub of it all was just perfect.

I remember the days when all the new vinyls came in (always same day of the week) It was crazy when people were fighting for the same records. I also specialized a lot on second hand vinyls and offering rare and obscure records which I sold lots of, not only in Malmö. It was a vibrant time with many local artists/dj’s who later became world famous and still are. What I miss the most is the daily contact with all the interesting people you met every day.

 Vinyl is back and selling more this year than since the 90s. Why do you think this is?

Simply because it’s the best format ever for us music junkies. I also believe that even if the younger generation is used to have everything for free, some of them need input and the feeling of physical records. Imagine yourself sitting and really listening to music while you hold the container and read the sleeve notes and analyzing the artwork. That time is priceless and maybe it’s a way of escaping from the stressful world out there. I guess it’s the same with other art forms.

Your Album Bla Bla Bla was released recently. It got top reviews and were featured on the front page of Disco section at Juno. Tell us about it, how does it differ from your previous music productions?

When I started off as a producer back in 2005, it went hand in hand with the labels I ran at the time. Deeplay Music and Deeplay Soultec were more in the Deep and Tech-House field and so was I. I was a real Deep-House junkie were people like Larry Heard, Glenn Underground, Moodymann and Ron Trent were my heroes, so it was natural to embrace all that in my own productions.

My current stuff may have some deeper House touch still, but the main theme is Nu-Disco and the sub areas around that. I have always been collecting Disco music so it’s always been around me from early years. And the opportunity came up to start my new label MB Disco in 2010, and from that point it’s all about the Disco. I wanted to create an ”album” rather than just making 11 tracks and putting them together. It was important that the tracks fit together somehow. It’s a totally different process when you’re make an album comparing to a single.

 What are your favorite clubs and festivals in Europe? From the DJ perspective?

There are so many but a few that stands out, and they’re very different from each other as well. Funky Room at Pacha has a great vibe. Terrace at Space, especially before it was not built in with walls. Garden Festival in Croatia is also a very nice spot.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Music and production wise?

Hopefully I’m still in the music business one way or the other. I’ve been in this ”shit business”, as one of the characters in The League of Gentlemen would put it, for more almost 20 years, so leaving it would be hard. A dream would be to score the music to a film. I can also see myself running labels and Dj’ing till I’m in the 70’s.

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