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In a town where silence and stillness roams, creations and inspirations burns and to where thoughts escapes, four project creators have set sails on their boat and they are raising them high above as they are introducing a sanctuary where all of those feelings come to life, in HEIMA. The town is called Seyoisfjorour, located on the east coast of Iceland. As known to many, Iceland hosts breathtakingly environments and inspire people and push them towards a journey into their deepest secrets, glooming thoughts and dark souls – an obvious choice of place to bring a project like this to life. Focusing on inspiration and creativity in a sea of pampering minds, four individuals with a predilection for the unusual, odd and visionary, Bjørt, Lasse, Jonatan and Andreas, has created a space – a house – for many creative souls all over the world to call their home.

Their vision is to stop time for a while, take a deep breath, and when making this house for people who themselves feel the need of escaping the mediocre and mainstream rush, they seek to bring a thought of independence and freedom to artists minds. Whether you are a musician, painter, photographer, writer or another kind of artist, this house has been created for you, only with the intention of letting your mind floats as the riesling water by Icelands coast. Take a deep breath, let freedom be fed with cold air and help this project be a reality by donating a few pennies. Places like this are very much needed in the pulsing and stressful world that we live in – we shall not forget to swim in the seas, bleed from our hearts and support visionary sanctuaries as this.

To read much more about HEIMA and to make a donation, click on this link:


By Emma Marie M. Johnsen

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