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The newest art-film by director Martin Garde Abildgaard is a motion graphic metaphor for the simple act of breathing, which in this particular footage is presented as a insuppressible struggle. Normally 20,9% of the gas in the atmosphere is oxygen. In water however, oxygen level is much lower, approximately 1%.

Hypoxia refers to low oxygen conditions. The feeling of not being able to breath. A feeling that can be both physical, but also something very psychological.

In the new short art-film we meet a woman who is transferring between two parallel worlds; above and under water. She is captivated of the underwater world, but staying there is not possible for a very long time.

As the film begins the viewer is almost struck with an impulsive urge of taking a deep breath and holding it in throughout the entire footage. In a split of a second as the woman covers her eye, we can pierce through it the horizon that parts the underwater world from the dry land and dive in together with her into this painfully silent universe, where breathing is the ultimate pursue.

“In the Western world almost everything is possible. And therefore we want everything in the pursuit for the perfect life. But in that race, to accomplish our huge expectations, we forget to pay attention to what’s really important in life. We forget to breath”, says the director, Martin Garde Abildgaard.

The film is created in collaboration with the French arty production company Superette and filmed by the Academy Award winning cinematographer Rasmus Heise. Sound design by Dennis Lee. CGI by Peter Skov Nielsen.

Martin’s latest art-film “Other Worlds” was created together with British artist Matthew Stone and exhibited at Art Basel; Miami Beach (USA), Basel (GER) and Hong Kong (CHN).

Martin’s next art project is called “America” and is a mix of film, music, still-photography and fashion. The project will be launched together with Superette, in Paris, later this year.

Martin has also directed commercial films for brands like Acne, Koenigsegg, Sony, Rapha and Adidas.

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