Iceage at SXSW – The Agony and the Ecstasy

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SXSW is like no other. Every band, every DJ , every musical act is in town for a week. Iceage were here, playing 10 shows in biker bars, skateparks, shithole dive bars, the Middle of the desert, you name it. We caught the first show at Mohawk bar, it was captivating it was intense, it was raw, it was Iceage. The next time we saw them, 5 or 6 days later, was interesting. The venue Beerland was the most glorious dive bar in all of Texas. Passing by one day, we saw what can only be described as the frontman of ZZ top, an old man with a long red beard fist fighting the bouncer, who was taking no shit, he was thrown out and falling over the ground, just a normal day in Austin. You could see the destruction and desolation in The eyes of Iceage. After a week of music and partying I guess everyone ends up like this. The guitarist had a broken arm in sling so even holding his guitar just have been a painful experience but like a soldier he marched on through the performance, Elias roaring and screaming and spitting his way through blissful songs. Joined by Iceage were fellow boys from Copenhagen Lust For Youth who insist on playing in complete darkness. Fucking class.

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