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“I realised I could record light movement on film like paint on canvas”. French artist David Ledoux is preparing a show in L.A. this year. Epiphanies are good ground for ideas. Here we feel Ledoux talks about movement. What movement? Hmm, the blurry time meets space coordinate. This is not video but photography. We still feel it is about movement. See, there is something about challenging the laws of physics here: tricks of depths and lenghs of exposure. This is all computer free, all mechanic, old school magic box type shadow play. We like irrational. Ledoux trained in fine arts and painting, now creates space on argentic film. Ultimately, his esthetic has a certain surrealist feel, a soft grainyness, a coarse finish. We feel David Ledoux is an artificer, a pupeteer. The enchanting narrative of being transient and being permanent. Going away and being here *(at the same time)*. Certitude and enchantement, vulnerability and magic – watch that space. 

See more of David Ledoux’ work here:

Post by Aurélie Coulibaly


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