Interviews: Egyboy, The Art Cowboy

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Witty, ironic, fire-kult! and honest art, dirty graphics and even clothes signed with the catchy dripping name, Egyboy. This pop thinker is a Lithuanian born, Sydney based artist. Premier vulgarian illustrator, part of Mother Eleganza collective, starting tattoo artist, pencil boy and the ultimate art cowboy. Black lines are his natural environment, his work is bold and vibrant, hand marker drawings and his post-pop imagery has a significant street mind and feel. We had a good pleasure of talking to him and getting to know him a bit more, so here is what we talked about! And while you are reading this, tune in on some Diamond Rings music, it will serve you a perfect atmosphere…

Hey Egyboy the Art Cowboy, all good?

Egyboy: Hi Five! All just brilliant, I recently moved to a new apartment in Sydney and I’m eating a quick chocolate, while my girlfriend is taking a hot bath.

Well that sounds perfect. So to move this further, the Art Cowboy, a statement accompanying your name, what does it actually mean, to you at least?

Egyboy: It’s a very romantic statement: Fight for your right and also to party…

It is my all life project.

And what about Egyboy? When did you become that kind of a boy?

Egyboy: I became Egyboy during my master’s degree studies in Art academy in my teen spirit. Friends kind of decided: wtf Egyboy? – It is so stupid and I liked it.

I still like it! And is also has a Good echo: Egy boy boy boy!!!



And your art dealer is your twin brother, right?

Egyboy: Yes: do-re-my.

I don’t know why, but twins, it’s just odd. I mean, for me to think about having a twin and looking at her, would be like looking at me. I don’t know, but it’s interesting for sure. How is it for you? Is it odd? is it fun? ☺

Egyboy: It was always more of a “Double impact”, just like from that movie with Jean Claude Van Damme in the main role!

And you two are pretty ‘special’ to say so. The adverts for alternative music festival “Satta Outside” are great. How did you two come up with that concept/idea?

Egyboy: Natural, because we are thinking in one line and everything flows and goes just in the right direction! To be honest, exactly like here:

Previously you’ve also worked in advertising, but then discovered there is also another world out there and you started to expand and push your art passion… Now you are doing everything, you are an artist, you are a part of Mother Eleganza, you rap and you moved to Sydney. What’s next?

Egyboy: Yes, I used to work in a company “Not Perfect” where I have learned some very nice tricks… Building the first art posters – the copies from bubble gum – I started in my early age, 7 years old. This is my play-game, because I love art history, Jeff Koons, street artists, pop art, space invader, everything – all brainwashing facts, I think it is in my blood. Just like Jobs loved Apple, I guess. After my two personal books have been released, many exhibitions were done with the power of experiments. Now I have an idea: to make an anti tattoo black album by trashy hand.

And if we look at your art now: witty, direct, charming and just out there. Drawings and words that accompany them are pure fun. Collages, different art projects, you are just really honest in everything that you do. Are there any major thoughts behind your work, or more instant decisions?

Egyboy: I like your note – instant decision – this could be my arrow, but most of the times, good mood is more common to my black markers.

I know it’s awkward to ask an artist what is his favorite work, but I kind of want to know. Which work did you enjoy working on the most?

Egyboy: Let’s say my best of the best is a VOGUE portrait – first man on a Vogue cover, ever.



Let’s talk a bit about another project of yours: Mother Eleganza, colab of three people or as described: ”Street kids from the suburbs, the generation of radioactivity, born after the LEVEL 7 historic event, the Chernobyl disaster”…

Egyboy: We first started for fun and now it is becoming more serious, we want to become a top brand one day. All vibes in our collections come from our childhood soviet Christmas garland with a herring inside newspaper. Blockhouses and cracking sunflowers seeds in a staircase, plasticine bombs and teen memory…

Fashion is not fun anymore, we want to make it fun. And right now we are dealing with the Japanese market, so that’s out next to point.

Yolandi (Die Antwoord) also wears Mother Eleganza, that must feel good!?

Egyboy: If she is happy, I am happy. I like to create something iconic for icons. And thank you Ethel Vaughn another fashion label from Hamburg, with whom I had a pleasure of working in wonderful collaborations. GOD BLESS YOU. 

And on top of everything you’re a starting tattoo artist. Do you tattoo your previous drawings, or do you make new ones? And hey, I want your tattoo! 

Egyboy: Katja, you are welcome to my tattoo limousine. And yes I keep tattoos in my marker style from past and future drawings, this is my goal – for this type of media. TRUE SHIT. GANGSTA PUSH.

mother eleganza kopi yolandi die antwoord

You also rap. So are you the new Ye? The new Jesus, the new whatever Steve Jobs is to technology, you are to the music/art world :)?

I am yes, and no, and sometimes why not! Hah I don’t know, I think the most important thing in this world is to do what you really like, simple as that.

As said, you are a pop thinker and so quite a fan of Andy Warhol and also Basquiat… You like them separately, their colabs?

Egyboy: I like Andy’s biography, wigs, originals and gay impulse. But what I have read is that the collaboration between Andy and Basquiat wasn’t the best idea. In the end Basquiat wasn’t happy with the outcome. But I’m not 100% sure if that is real shit, or made up stuff.

Then Supreme and also the great Gosha Rubchinskiy were mentioned in the list of things that inspire you. How, why, them, nice!?

Egyboy: Good stars, good work, good action, fantasy/reality. I like both skate and force.

Supreme…Did you watch Cherry? The little kids are nice, Sean Pablo is great.

Egyboy: Hmmm…

Ok, I think I digressed a little with that, so lets end this with your fine motto: Stay Fierce! So yeah Egyboy, stay fierce and thanks. Plus any words of wisdom for the end maybe? 

Egyboy: I want to believe – THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.

Check out Egyboy on and his clothing label Mother Eleganza on

Interview by Katja Horvat.

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