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The ghostly and hypnotizing voice of Lydia Ainsworth will raise up in the air of one of the most unique spaces in Copenhagen – Dome of Visions this Friday. Her concert is part of the yearly festival Frost, which manages to lure the slow-motioned Copenhageners out of their frozen shells and bring out to the surface good music to resonate into their half-awakened bodies.

Lydia stole a couple of minutes from her busy schedule of her Winter European Tour to answer a couple of our questions.

The concert is sold out now, though if you are one of the few lucky ones that got a hold of a ticket, we hope to see you there enjoying a beautiful performance put up by the Canadian artist.

Tell us a bit about yourself – who are you, where are you from and what do you bring special to this world?
Lydia Ainsworth: My name is Lydia Ainsworth, I’m from Toronto Canada and I make mango smoothies.

What is one of your main goals atm?
Lydia Ainsworth: To be a fruit hunter.

Where do you get your daily inspiration from?
Lydia Ainsworth: It can be anything… a conversation with a stranger, a painting, the sound of traffic. I just need to remember to have an open heart.

For how long have you worked with music?
Lydia Ainsworth: I first began to play cello when I was 10 years old.

Are you teaming up with anybody for your music production or you are doing everything on your own?
Lydia Ainsworth: No, I do not team up with anybody for my music production. I produce everything myself.

Soon you will be playing in Copenhagen – how do you feel about it?
Lydia Ainsworth: Very excited, it will be my first time.

Do you have any special performance prepared for when you’ll be on stage?
Lydia Ainsworth: I will be joined by a drummer and cellist, I sing and play keyboard. It will be special if you are there.

What is your music all about and what should your listeners get out of it?
Lydia Ainsworth: My goal when writing music is to usher the listener into an elevated spectrum of feeling. I really hope my listeners feel they are a part of an alternative experience.

Currently you are signed to Arbutus Records label. How does it feel to be part of the family?
Lydia Ainsworth: It has been wonderful. I’m very happy to be included in such a unique array of talented artists.

What are your future plans?
Lydia Ainsworth: Between playing shows I will be recording and learning to drive.

Interview by Laura Ungur.
Photo by Michael Fulton.

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