Interviews: Model & musician Justin Passmore

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Latest project?

My latest project is an art show in Brooklyn, featuring a few of my creative close friends. Years ago I recorded an album, set it down and forgot about it. A close friend of mine who is a sculptor found it, and made some art to it. Now we are recreating this whole experience in a live setting, in which sculpture, music, dance, and perhaps some other aspects play together. We are still in planning and writing. Still don’t have a name either. Everyone will know when it comes around, all anyone ever asks me about is music.

Modeling x self image?

In some recent conversations about personal branding and what not, I kind of realized that I don’t see myself at all in the work, I see the clothes. It’s up to me to be a chameleon. It’s much like an actor not watching the movies they are in. I don’t consider much of the final product, just that it is fun to work with the people that I love to work with.

Everyday life?

Lately, I’ve been on a pretty healthy schedule of music and modeling and not much more. It’s nice to have a balance and just sit back and listen to records or do nothing at all once in a while.

Biggest adventure?

Every day is a new adventure, but if I had to pick just one, I would say traveling to Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado for Conde Nast Traveller was a great experience. Mountains, streams, waterfalls, horseback

riding, hiking, and lots of good times with the crew. Family breakfasts and dinners, I was very sad to go.


I can be happy wherever I am with good people and good music.

Nights and freetime?

Free time is usually learning something new on guitar, nights are spent in the studio executing such new ideas.

Nighttime vs. Daytime?

I’m just now starting to appreciate the day as time for learning and the night for true production and creativity. I believe I split them up pretty well these days.


I enjoy most of all reading. I pick it up and put it down, but it’s always there for me. A solid way to keep my thoughts flowing and to keep away from stagnation.


I do write a bit, but more so than music, it is mainly for me. One day, if I feel it can benefit someone or I need some sort of catharsis, I just might release something in writing.

Life story genre?

It’d probably be some indie film, though it’s not my favorite genre, I can’t imagine it being a drama or action adventure. However I’d rather it be SciFi Fantasy.


The mystic. The unknown behind it all inspires me most.


I feel most creative when I’ve just discovered something new, or perhaps something I forgot about that I needed in my life.


I am a spiritual person. This would be far to long to elaborate. Suffice to say, yes, I am a spiritual person.


I believe everyone has a different perception of the word. Passion is a feeling dear to your own prerogative.


Chopping wood outside my cabin in upstate NY. One day. ahhhh one day.

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Interview by Emma Marie M. Johnsen


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