Interviews: Photographer Rita Lino

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Recently I went for a walk in Kreuzberg, during lunch break, with an amazing person and an amazing photographer, Rita Lino.

Favorite subject except yourself?
Rita Lino: Cats.

Female or male models?
Rita Lino: Female female female female female.

Kiss or hug?
Rita Lino: Kiss with tongue. But not too much. Just a little bit.

What makes you horny?
Rita Lino: Really? ahahhaha taking my self-portraits makes me mega horny….

Barcelona or Porto?
Rita Lino: Porto.

Worst thing about Berlin?
Rita Lino: Language.

Favorite place on earth?
Rita Lino: My bed.

Who do you admire most?
Rita Lino: The Greatest Pedro Maia.

Most inspiring woman?
Rita Lino: A lot…. i can say Anais Nin….

Are there any boundaries?
Rita Lino: Yes and no, depend of the context.

What makes you excited?
Rita Lino: A new project.

Set-up or spontaneous?
Rita Lino: Spontaneous always.

Best thing about Tokyo?
Rita Lino: FOOD and people.

Favorite food?
Rita Lino: Japanese or something with sea food.

Wine or beer?
Rita Lino: White wine.

Worst addiction?
Rita Lino: True blood, Youtube.

Best movie ever?
Rita Lino: Wings of Desire – Wim Wenders ( it’s not fair but if i need to say one…)

Color or black & white?
Rita Lino: Color.

What’s the thing about cats?
Rita Lino: It’s not a thing… i really am a cat lover.

Favorite room to shoot in?
Rita Lino: Some room with light, history and personality.

Dearest clothing item?
Rita Lino: Grey sweatshirts.

What does happy mean?
Rita Lino: Means wake up in the morning.

Thoughts or feelings?
Rita Lino: …look at me, hug me, kiss me and leave me alone.

Concept or instinct?
Rita Lino: I can say instinct but both together are the perfect team!

What makes you sad?
Rita Lino: Dumb people.

Best video ever?
Rita Lino: Tropic of cancer – ‘PLANT LILIES AT MY HEAD’.

Biggest obsession?
Rita Lino: Crap videos on youtube and Beyonce.

Best way to take a break from everything?
Rita Lino: Get very very drunk and wasted for 3 days in a row. And then go on vacation somewhere warm and with sea.

Post by Katja Kremenić

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