Kopf Runter!

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In patriarchal societies, such as the Turkish one in which I was born and raised, the fact alone of being a woman means being a secret to herself and to the entire world. Women are forced to lead half lived lives and being kept hidden from everyone and everything the life has to offer, they are behind doors, behind veils.

Young girls are taught from a very early age to behave according to the rules made by men.They are told to walk with their heads down, they are only allowed to see the ground under their feet, the blue skies above are one of the many forbidden beauties of life. These women themselves are walking and breathing secrets, sad and hopeless secrets created by such societies.

We share the same perspective and basic needs of life. We all have created a dream world of our secret wishes. It is something that can never be taken away from us, because it is in our heads, and we can see this world every time we look down.

Post by Eylül Aslan, septemberlion.com

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