Spotlight: Lukasz Wierzbowski

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Lukasz Wierzbowski

Lukasz Wierzbowski is a polish photographer based in Wroclaw, Poland. With a special sense of natural light, he explores the relationship between the model and their surroundings, by working towards capturing moments between movement and time. What makes his photos stand out is his way of depicting odd and unusual situations of people in ordinary environments. After a dentist diploma and a master degree in psychology, his interest for photography took over and now he works with photography full time. He has published two books already, had many exhibitions around the world and collaborated for magazines such as Neon, Blink, Waterfall, Kinki, Tokion, Lola, Lodown and many more.

We asked Lukasz to tell us a little bit more about himself and what thoughts that lies behind his work.

What have you been up to recently? (Trips, projects, work?)
Lukasz Wierzbowski: I’m in the process of gathering work for my upcoming book so I have been traveling quite a lot. I just came back from Hamburg where I was working on a commissioned project. In the meantime, I’m simply enjoying the summer by hanging out with my friends, family and visiting my favorite spots.

Who are your models? Are they friends of yours? Do you only shoot girls? 
Lukasz Wierzbowski: My models are usually my family and friends but I also adore working with people I have never met before. Sometimes I simply approach people on the street or someone just gets in touch with me asking for taking their photos. Gender is not a rule as I shoot photos of both girls and boys.

Are your photographs as spontaneous as they look?
Lukasz Wierzbowski: Definitely as the process of taking them is rather quick. I often give very little instruction. Instead, I try to paint a general picture of my vision and then capture the model’s execution of it.

Lukasz Wierzbowski Lukasz WierzbowskiLukasz Wierzbowski

You have done a lot of films during the years, why did you stop? Are you only into analogue photography now?
Lukasz Wierzbowski: I was very much into filming during high school but I somehow got bored of it. I needed something more random and static that would allow me to create different moods, expressions and reactions.

I couldn’t find any pictures of you during my research, do you hide yourself behind the camera?
Lukasz Wierzbowski: I’m a bit camera shy and have barely any photos taken of me. I simply feel much more comfortable behind the camera.

You have studied psychology and dentistry, what happened? Did you abandon it to become a photographer?
Lukasz Wierzbowski: It took me a while to realize what I wanted to do in my life. Trying different things was part of that process. As soon as I received my dentistry diploma, I started studying psychology. Along the way, I got interested in photography but it didn’t stop me from getting my psychology masters degree.

Can you make a living out of being a full time photographer?
Lukasz Wierzbowski: Luckily – yes as I work on both personal and commercial projects.

Your photos often have an obscure twist. Is this planned or spontaneously?
Lukasz Wierzbowski: My work is based on the interaction between my models and their surroundings. If the situation allows it, I try to ‘stretch’ their comfort zone. Still, my priority is to make the model feel comfortable with whatever happens.

Your photos also have quite distinctive light. Is this something that interests you?
Lukasz Wierzbowski: Light is a big source of inspiration for me. I love to play with it myself but also it fascinates me how it can play with our perception of things.

Lukasz Wierzbowski Lukasz Wierzbowski
Where is you favourite location to shoot?
Lukasz Wierzbowski: My parent’s house as it never ceases to surprise me. It’s filled with various textures, colors and patterns. Each room has a slightly eccentric vibe and looks totally different depending on the lighting conditions.

Whats your opinion about photo editing? Do you see it as a good or bad thing?
Lukasz Wierzbowski: I don’t think it’s a bad thing but it just doesn’t work for me. I don’t want the image to feel perfect. I want it to be real together with its all imperfections.

What are you looking for through your camera lens?
Lukasz Wierzbowski: I try to capture moments between movement and time.

When shooting analogue and only have a certain amount of film, how do you decide if something is worth shooting?
Lukasz Wierzbowski: I don’t try to overthink it as I’m ok with whatever happens. I just follow my intuition and shoot only the things that resonate with me.

What will you do tonight?
Lukasz Wierzbowski: I’m about to go out with a bunch of friends.

Lukasz Wierzbowski Lukasz Wierzbowski

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