Spotlight: Mariko Mori

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Mariko Mori portrait

Mariko Mori is a contemporary Japanese video and photographic artist based in London. In search of freedom and individualism, Mori decided to leave Japan and move to London, where she started her art studies at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Later on, she moved to New York to continue study and develop her art career.

In a lot of Mori’s early work, she explored the urban cyber culture, and often used herself as a model in Manga-inspired environments. In her photograph “Play with me”, she uses her own body as the subject, as she dress up herself as a sexualized, technological women in everyday scenes.

But where she started is not where she’s at today, more recently, she use her work to explore the space, spirituality, technology, death, reality and the intersection of life.


Mariko Mori Mariko Mori

In 2004, Mori created WAVE UFO, a capsule-shaped structure look like a spaceship, and got a lot of success from that. Related to the WAVE UFO, she created “Oneness”, a sculpture of six “alien” figures holding hands in a circle. When the viewer participate by hugging the figures, the “aliens” eyes light up and their hearts start beating. The sculpture is a symbol of the acceptance of otherness and a model for overcoming national and cultural borders.

“The idea of the Big Bang really made sense for everything, but after the discovery of black holes and the introduction of string theory, physicists realized that it doesn’t really make sense that we came from nothingness,” She said in a interview with Observer.

In 2011, Mariko created a project called “Journey to seven light bay, Primal Rhythm” outside a small island in Japan. The installation consists of a sun pillar and a moonstone that changes color together with the bay’s tidal movements. Her recent work is called “Rebirth” and consists of 35 sculptures, installations, glowing LED sculptures, photographs, drawing and videos. The gallery is transformed into Mori’s world and as you enter the installation you go through a journey through space, time and consciousness.

Mariko MoriMariko MoriMariko MoriMariko Mori

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