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I was lucky enough to attend Bard grad school with Mary Weatherford. I salute her new show at the David Kordansky Gallery called Los Angeles. On display is her unique language of abstract paintings used to chart the physical and metaphysical features of landscape. Her work is a form of critique of the archetypal gestures in modern abstraction that operates as a mode of inquiry responding to natural and social contexts of all kinds.

Each painting in Los Angeles begins with a gestural visualization made of thin layers of Flashe paint. The fields of overlapping color result in the appearance of an atmospheric field that is almost Rothkoesque of dyes on canvas. Most are juxtaposed with one or more neon tubes signifying the origin of drawing or mark making. Colors in increased prominence speak to the life of the gesture. As a result their material presence emphasizes the physical qualities of her landscape abstractions.

This body of work represents meditations on zones at the perceptual edges of the city of Los Angeles, away from the landmarks typically recognized there. Mary’s painting become a way of filtering experience and of charting the ambient qualities of a metropolis by embodying pathways through abstract connections of places.

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