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Self Portrait

Self portrait by Mathieu St-Pierre

Back in 2011 most of my glitch artwork was very basic and should I say pure? I was following the initial philosophy of glitch purists where a digital error has to be taken as is without any alteration.

Melting Ice Cream

Melting Ice Cream by Mathieu St-Pierre

So for over a year I was trying to corrupt images and video files and grab screen captures from those incomplete torrent downloads. Later on, I started working with an editing program called Sony Vegas, there I learned to use the layer option for the purpose of glitching. From then I produced some of my wildest images such as the Melting Ice Cream series where I used 3 or 4 layers of pre-glitched images that I just blended to create something even more unique. So I slowly moved away from the “found glitch” to get more control over the final rendering and create art pieces that I actually wanted to make.

Bleu Bikini Bleu Bikini 2

Bleu Bikini 1+2 by Mathieu St-Pierre

Bone Ring

Bone Ring by Mathieu St-Pierre

Most of my images come from erotic videos, simply because there are so many compressed formats and they are common and easy for me to glitch. From there I work until the initial image becomes something else and in a way tells another story. With that process I was able to make the Bleu Bikini series. Those pictures are the result of movie clips I found on youtube when browsing for material for a music video I was working on at the time. The video of an asian girl doing a striptease in her bathroom became a distorted and vibrant portrait of a lady that could have been a model or an icon (Bleu Bikini 1 & 2). Bone Ring was also made with the same process and at the same period.

Murano 4

Murano by Mathieu St-Pierre

With the Murano series I came back with what I was doing 2 years ago with the Melting Ice Cream series, I wanted to revive that overdose of bright trippy colors. I really like how people are usually confused and think it’s an oil painting. Also, the Murano series is a reference to the Italian island of Murano which if famous for its glass. As a kid I travelled there with my parents and I later found a striking resemblance in the wavy glass pattern and my images, by the way the colors and organic forms almost melt together.

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