Matt Colombo

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Born in Italy, Matt Colombo is a fashion photographer and one the most prominent Italian contemporary artist of his generation. He has worked in Milan, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Istanbul, Berlin and more and his works has been published worldwide.

Main subjects of his controversial work are pale models in a sexualized and decadent atmosphere. Some of his work have been called erotic and pornographic.

His photographs show the degradation and the sad aestetichs of life in dismissed architectures as casinos, old motels, rooms, broken signboards and light bulbs.

Like the Archangel Raphael, Matt Colombo has been released on the collective consciousness  like a buzzard on the skull of humanity, revealing with each flash bulb what lies under  our thin flesh and slow moving blood, all the while exposing our damaged souls to the All Seeing Desert Sun like a coyote brought down by the daytime heat.

He shoots mostly using analog and classic vintage cameras.

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