Maxime Ballesteros – “Entre chien et loup”

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03_Maxime Ballesteros - half-bride, 2013 04_Maxime Ballesteros - free fall, Roquebrune, 2013 05_Maxime Ballesteros - it's time to fight, Berlin, 2013 06_Maxime Ballesteros - skirts, Paris, 2013 07_Maxime Ballesteros - les volets rouge, Volonne, 2013 08_Maxime Ballesteros - party time, Peipin, 2013 09_Maxime Ballesteros - battle, Saint Etienne, 2013 10_Maxime Ballesteros - first date, Berlin-west, 2013 11_Maxime Ballesteros - bronze's tenderness, Berlin, 2012 13_Maxime Ballesteros - confused sheep, 2013 14_Maxime Ballesteros - twerk, Haute-Provence, 2013 14a_Maxime Ballesteros - fishnet trap, Berlin 15_Maxime Ballesteros - barbie cafe, Berlin, 2013 18_Maxime Ballesteros - surf, au local, Lyon_10 26_Maxime Ballesteros - nylons gradient, Berlin 27_Maxime Ballesteros - tag, Volonne 34_Maxime Ballesteros - Camille, au local, Lyon

“Entre chien et loup” is this special and sudden moment of the day just before night, where you can’t distinguish a dog from a wolf. Things start to melt together, different worlds to step on each other. The familiar takes an unknown face and the limit between domestic and wild, comfort and fear gets unclear.

Photographer Maxime Ballesteros has ‘provocative’ attached to his name. He captures the most intense and beautiful aspects of life – the climax of a party, sex and a fair amount of high heels and leather – in bright colours illuminated by a sharp, uncompromising flash. Originally from a small village near Lyon, Ballesteros now lives in Berlin, which he describes as “dangerous in the best way, in its freedom”. He photographs Berlin’s nightlife and his friends, though his pictures are only loosely connected to specific places and times. Playing with sexually-charged symbolism – leather, stockings, heels – his photos evoke debauched Renaissance paintings and early photographs of the decadent 20s and 80s. Creation and destruction, love and innocence, excess and debauchery – aspects fundamental to human nature – are all ever-present themes in his work. Whatever his subject is, he manages to capture reality at its best, the perfect moment one wants to preserve forever. Ballesteros’ photographs are strong and honest statements sprinkled with only a constrasting hint of irony.

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