Nan Goldin: Scopophilia

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Seeking the dialogue between past and present the photographer Nan Goldin has found the meaning to her life-long research. If it is true that her visits to the Louvre are quite recent, it is also true that most of the photos, placed side by side with classical masterpieces, are part of her archive powered from the ’70s until today.

‘It has been and still is about telepathic exchanges and divination’ so the artist explains her project Scopophilia who has played a leading role prior to the Louvre in 2011, then in Rio de Janeiro and now at the Gagosian Gallery in Rome.

The meaning of the term Scopophilia is ‘love of looking’, but also refers to the erotic pleasure that comes from observing the body through its images.

Nudity, gender change, ecstasy, despair – have always been part of the artistic vocabulary of Nan Goldin. Other subjects come out of this last project – the veil, the hair, the back, the water. All these artistic obsessions clearly derive from currents in the history of Western art, from mythological metamorphosis to marble sculptures. Sometimes it’s the light and the colours of the Renaissance, while others, in spite of cooler and aseptic scenarios, are the poses to bring us directly to religious iconography.

In the oval space during the opening I could hear the comments of people behind me between scandal and interdiction. But then at the back of the main room a slideshow with a melancholy symphony for piano and cello written by Alain Mahé, gave rise to a fascinated silence where tenderness and violence, nostalgia and eroticism have found a peaceful place of expression.

Nan Goldin: Scopophilia are exhibited at the Rome headquarters of the Gagosian Gallery and will remain until the 24th of May 2014.

Post by Camilla Ginevra Bo’,

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