Peabody’s Ghost

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I’ve been reflecting a lot on my time at Temple University since I graduated one week ago. I find myself thinking back to the first year I spent there in the Peabody Hall dormitory, and how that time helped shape me as a person. Peabody Hall served as home to a group of young people all sharing a definitive collective experience. As I remember cultivating new experiences and ideas, making new friends and art, I think of all the people who dropped out, transferred and didn’t make it to graduation, people who helped make me become the person I wanted to be and the imprint that they left on me. These pictures are from my freshmen year, when I first started taking pictures. These images are ghosts on film. A snapshot of a time, a place, and of people who no longer exist as they were, but have moved on to become the people they were always destined to be.

Post by Scott McKelvey,

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