Portraits of a city

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Gleb_Tibo_01 Gleb_Tibo_02 Gleb_Tibo_03 Gleb_Tibo_04 Gleb_Tibo_05 Gleb_Tibo_06 Gleb_Tibo_07 Gleb_Tibo_08 Gleb_Tibo_09 Gleb_Tibo_10 Gleb_Tibo_11 Gleb_Tibo_12 Gleb_Tibo_13 Gleb_Tibo_14 Gleb_Tibo_15 Gleb_Tibo_16 GLeb_Tibo_17 Gleb_Tibo_18

Anything nowadays can be considered as art, that’s why in this project I tried to find something picturesque in odd and simple things like constructive backyards, geometrical USSR buildings and perfectly put away trash, which also is a part of the city. I think that these things can describe modern society better that anything else. This work is based on the research of the city I live in and cities, where I have travelled the last two years, when I tried to catch true portraits of the capitals, showing inhabitant reaction to the life’s treats and they real way of living. All the work was shot on an analog 35mm camera.

Post by Gleb Tibo, flickr.com/photos/glebstarrr

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