Rick Owens FW 14 Menswear Lookbook by Rick Castro

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DSCN0834 - Version 2

DSCN0866 - Version 2


DSCN0362 - Version 2

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In the absence of light not only black becomes darkness, and so it shows in Rick Owens Fall/Winter 2014 lookbook. Fetish photographer Rick Castro has created a divine and dark universe for Rick Owens admirable and architectural designs to blossom in, in which all of the black and harsh clothing suddenly seems both peaceful and somewhat fragile behind all the grain. The aged male models Rick Castro used for this campaign are bringing a feeling of softness, and at the same time the creations makes you think of something in between nuns and fetish assassins. Rick Castro, pioneering in bondage/S&M photography, is known for his provocative fetish photography, and this collaboration between him and Rick Owens has taken both designs and craftsmanship to a new dimension. In this dimension Rick Owens’ dark side appears with an obscure and gloomy feeling, and Rick Castro unique delicate touch of provocative sex-references is combining the darkness with a distant light, and a, without a doubt, compelling mood.

Post by Emma Møhr.

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