Interviews: Photographer Hugo Jøzwicki

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What are you doing currently?

I am currently working on different projects for Magazines and agencies. It is not done yet so i’ll be discreet about it. No need to show off, let’s wait before popping up the champagne. But i recently started to direct and film music videos and fashion movies. it has been a happy and interesting discovery for me, i had never really thought of doing this. But one day i got the opportunity to explore this field, so why not after all.

How did you get into photography?

Well it all started 10 years ago in Paris with my friend Emmanuel. Our game was to crash all the private Fashion parties in town. I won’t spread the trick, but we had some technics to get in, it was cocky and exciting. We were so young and back then no people of our age were doing this. Later on we decided to start taking pictures of all the crazy and fancy people we were hanging with. it was an intense period in the Parisian Fashion industry, and many crazy things were happening, we wanted to catch this “sweet madness” (as we used to call it), and be part of the movement. I always referred myself to Hunter S. Thompson or the French writer Alain Pacadis. After a while people noticed us, it was intriguing i guess to see such young teenagers hanging in all these exclusive places. Our names turned out to be some kind of a “reference” and we got to perform and collaborate for different Magazines, Fashion Designers etc… Unfortunately excess came along and i started to drag myself down, blinded by the facility of the savage urge. It turned out to be no more a fascination for people, but a need to lose myself into the glittery mess… i had to take a break for a while and escape. Today i’m running my career as Fashion photographer, from the other side of the fence, more discreetly.

What is the best thing about your job?

When people give you good feedbacks and appreciate your work.

If you could choose to date anyone in the world who would it be?

No girl in particular, i don’t fancy famous models. Perfection isn’t all. I love normality, i need some in my life. I’d go for a nice girl, brained and down to earth who can go along my lifestyle.

Do you have any idols?

My parents, it hasn’t been easy…i owe them a lot.

What do you think about Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is a fantastic city. One thing is sure, i’m staying here. I want to thank Danes for being so generous and easy going.

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