Interviews: Tony Stone

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What are you currently doing?

Tony Stone: In daytime I am working in an office and at nighttime I am working on my blog. Kind of like Batman! The rest of my time I spend taking photographs or making stuff with my band.

Can you tell us a little about your music?

Tony Stone: My music is really personal. I just play with my girl for friends and stuff.. it’s not professional and we don’t even a record. I played harp in a blues live band too, but that was only live so it’s the same story with the record: we never made one. I left the band because it took too much of my time.

What does a typical day of yours look like?

Tony Stone: I wake up at 8am, feed the cat and making tea. It’s my morning routine. Then I go to my office. It’s like a daily dose of reality for me. I work on my computer with my co-workers. There is a lot of different personalities and cultures. It’s enriching and really important for me. At 6pm I reach my home and start my other life.

How do you feel about adventures compared to your safe zone?

Tony Stone: It’s a funny question because when I was a child I wish to be a raider or an adventurer. It was my only grown-up project. I lived on boats, lived in big cities, lived on the countryside etc… I didn’t really have a safe zone, nor do I have one now. If I have a bed or something similar to a bed, my backpack and some water, then everything is okay for me. Of course I have my small daily routines, but it’s not a problem for me to do something different one day.

Is photography something you truly adore?

Tony Stone: Photography is a passion for sure. Behind or in front of the camera. There is a lot of people with talent in photography. When you go on tumblr or other website and you will be able to find so many pictures that leaves you thinking: ‘holy shit ! This world is so incredible !’. I really love that photography makes people show something they want to share, good or bad.

What are your other deep passions?

Tony Stone: I have a lot of passions in life. Maybe too many!! I can spend all day reading about something I want to learn more about. I love any kind of subcultures. Cars, music, clothes, drawing, food, everything really. I think we live in a incredible world – full of different people and cultures.

Which feeling do you feel most creative while having?

Tony Stone: I really don’t know. I try to be creative everyday. I always feel the need to make something new.

How do you like to see yourself, both personality and style vise?

Tony Stone: I use to wear a large black hat everyday so I think people see me like a strange person. I don’t feel strange and I don’t want to look different. Really I just like this hat.

I am a little shy. People often makes me uncomfortable because they always think of me in one certain way. This ‘there is only one good way to think and understand’-thing scares me so much! I don’t try to be different I think. Actually I am like everybody else. If anything is different about me, it’s because I just have a different tast than other people, both in my personality and style. People always use this stupid word to describe me: hipster. It makes me laugh a lot. I don’t know what a

hipster is and I ask a lot of different people and they all tell me the same thing: ‘you are not a hipster, others are.’ So really, if you have a bike, you’re a hipster. If you have a hat, you’re a hipster. If you are vegan, you’re hipster. If you practice yoga, eat eggs, have a Casio watch, wear a shirt, love museums, ride a skateboard, drive a van you’re a hipster. Seriously, this word means nothing to me.

Do you put an effort in your style?

Tony Stone: Of course I do! I really think clothes is a good way to express yourself. It’s not something that indicates who you are, but it helps in that direction. I love people with style because they usually tend to have a very interesting personality as well.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Tony Stone: I am always looking at and for style. Not really in magazines but in real life. Like musicians or actors. There are so many people whom style I love. Serge Gainsbourg, Steve McQueen, ACF Collective, Theophilus London, Adam Gallagher… And many others. And also, I get inspired by music. For me style and music are very close to eachother.

If you were to go shopping today, what items would you be looking for?

Tony Stone: A fitted blazer, a white shirt, a smart tie and some brogues.

If you were to put a record on in your home, which would you choose?

Tony Stone: I cannot chose only one record ! That’s impossible ! But if I really have to choose, I think I would choose Led Zeppelin IV or best of Robert Johnson. I really adore discovering new music. It’s always my girlfriend who shows me new music. Music is actually not really my buisness at home. My girlfriend is like my personal DJ. And when she’s not here I always listen to the same things like old blues or jazz, folk music and sometimes some trip-hop.

What are you up to next?

Tony Stone: I will try to manage my blog more and more. Maybe I’ll make some new projects with my new photographer, and who knows – life is a daily surprise to me.

Interview by Emma Marie M. Johnsen

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