Sliced up fashion – Begüm Boré’s artistic collages

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Begüm Sekendiz Boré is a Paris based visual artist who appears to be a master at creating sharp collages that mix fashion and culture. What could at first seem to be a pure coincidence turns into the core inspiration of different art works or fashion collections. Begüm believes in originality yet points out the obvious act of recycled culture and art. The cross-referencing collages send you on a art history trip that would connect the dots of modern and classical world and create a fluid cultural timeline.

How did it all start – your collage art?
Begüm Sekendiz Boré: Whilst mixing songs a long time ago.

Is the process as fun as the outcome looks like?
Begüm Sekendiz Boré: Yes!

How observant are in your everyday life?
Begüm Sekendiz Boré: Very observant.

Which one came first into your life art or fashion?
Begüm Sekendiz Boré: Clothes probably. You get dressed the minute you’re born.

Have you ever tried to work in the fashion industry?
Begüm Sekendiz Boré: No.

Did you ever get into trouble for pointing out the obvious inspiration of some designers?
Begüm Sekendiz Boré: Nothing is obvious, but I know that my way of presenting things is eerily convincing.

Do you still believe in the idea of originality?
Begüm Sekendiz Boré: Yes. I have no respect for designers who copy other designers.

Is there a book that you couldn’t live without and you look through it over and over again?
Begüm Sekendiz Boré: No, but I love Goethe.

What was your favourite board game as a child?
Begüm Sekendiz Boré: Chess.

Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to be good at, but in reality you’re awful?
Begüm Sekendiz Boré: Swim very very fast.

What were you doing right before answering these questions?
Begüm Sekendiz Boré: Research.

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