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The Sónar festival in Barcelona has been gaining a strong reputation over the last few years as a music festival with a difference – featuring the strongest and most innovative electronic music from all over the globe.

The annual pilgrimage from countries all over the world creates a vibe so tense that you could talk about a specific feeling – the Sónar Feeling.

Sónar Festival is all about emerging artists in music, art and technology.

Now in its 21th year, the festival will continue to broaden the perspective of the link between creativity and technology. The fusion results in the worlds strongest electronic music experiences.

Dry Magazine is going to Sónar, to experience the following 3 artists, among others.


I Am Legion – “Futuristic Electronic Rapshit”

I Am Legion is the synergy of incisive award-winning production skills of Noisia and veteran rap overlords Foreign Beggars: a collective space created for both forces to experiment and push the boundaries of underground rap and cutting edge electronica.

The collaboration between Noisia and Foreign Beggars is a brilliant cocktail of experience and talent. I Am Legion described themselves in interviews as “doing Futuristic Electronic Rapshit.”

From Groningen and London, these two groups have created one of the biggest superpowers in the EDM world. Noisia has produced for far too many artists to name and Foreign Beggars has set the bar for grime rapping.

Their debut album ‘I Am Legion’ establishes the group’s own manifesto of electronic rap music across a brilliant spectrum of tempos and forward leaning styles.

The first single from the album, “Make Those Move”, was viewed over 300K times in the first week it was made available.

The second single from the debut release, ‘Choosing for You’, has already amassed more than a million hits on Youtube, and is steadily increasing.

Live shows delivered by I Am Legion are said to be an absolutely overwhelming and dynamic experience, with a highly specialised light & visual show designed around the music.

This super group should have all EDM fans on their feet waiting for their upcoming gig at Sonar Festival saturday 14th of June from 04:05h – 05:05h, Sónar by Night at SonarClub.



The French DJ Gesaffelstein has so much class and attitude, that it’s hard not to get curious, of who the person in the black suit is.

However, Gesaffelstein rarely does interviews – nor concerts – so fans never really get to know him

Nevertheless, they do know his music – and his videos.

Gesaffelsteins video for the single Pursuit got released 11 months ago and has hit several million hits.

The iconic futuristic video frames one topic: pursuit of power.

In his follow-up video, Hate Or Glory, the main character, a young G, is also obsessed with power.

Gesaffelstein recently produced two tracks on Kanye Wests album Yeezus, and has been collaborating with artists like Tiga, ASAP Rocky, Justice, Depeche Mode and Lana Del Rey.

With Gesaffelsteins hard baselines and sudden break ups, the audience is always surprised, and he never looses control with the crowd. He too likes power.

Don’t miss Gesaffelstein when he plays one of his rare concerts on friday 13th of June from 02:00h – 03:15h Sónar by Night at SonarLab.



“UZ tunes are drunken energy sub bass and cartoon horn stabs that make my stomach feel weird and my feet shuffle,” world famous DJ Diplo writes.

Flosstradamus, Toddla T and Diplo have hailed him. All from dj and producer Dave Nada to porn actress Jessie Andrews has claimed to be the figure behind the mask, the true ƱZ. As another Batman or Banksy UZ lives in the shadows.

UZ belong to the cream of the cream in this trap genre – a heady mixture of digital bass, dubstep and house.

Trap music’s infamous and mysterious masked producer UZ has just dropped his new EP Trap Shit 17/20 of his renowned Trap Shit series. You might have heard some of this new hotness in UZ’ Diplo and friends mix.

One of the more interesting storylines on this day will certainly be UZ’s performance. On his (or her) Facebook page the sex category is listed as “neutral.”

Regardless, UZ is an emerging DJ in an emerging EDM genre.

UZ has just performed at Coachella Festival 2014 with some of todays most indluential Trap DJ’s like Flosstradamus and RL Grime. UZ will hit Sonar in absolutely great shape. UZ will play saturday 14th of June from 00:35h – 01:30h at Sónar by Night at SonarLab.

Post by Jacob Friberg Nielsen & Ask Christian Riis.

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