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Sebastian, Swan Dive (2014) Samson (woodstock), 2014 Nicholas, Falls (2014) Molly (bug bites), 2014 Molly (Mt. Hood), 2014 Molly (wind), 2015 Timothy, 2014 Wiissa (Thompkins Sq Park), 2014 Samson (2014) Nicholas, 2014 Cooper, Modern Solitude (2014)

The following photographs are a selection of work from 2014. Each subject can be seen in an idyllic setting: in or at the edge of water, in a field before a storm, in the comfort of a quaint New York City apartment. Yet tension is palpable — in a particular pose or imperfection: physical contortions, visible bug bites, loose skin, turned faces; exaggerated in their opposition to these idealized settings. In a world where we are continuously documented/documenting, this selection attempts to address the discomfort of being photographed or the inability to fully document the sublime as we experience it.

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