The human being in all its fragility

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Maya Rochat invites us to her own universe when playing with mystery and blurring the boundaries between dream and reality through colors, glitters and distorted figures. The viewer gets to explore moment of the everyday life, identities, attitudes and the now, inspired by the photographer’s immediate surroundings.

The Swiss-German multidisciplinary artist, who works in the fields of photography, collage and illustrations, creating images and installations that interweave with the print technology, to create multi-fold narratives. About this series of images she says,

“You simply do not know what you are looking at – is the starting point of my artistic research. With images, I intend to create an emotional, poetical and critical language.

The work takes form as an ensemble of photographic prints, a serie of banner-prints, artist books and video collages. Using large format images stolen from advertisement techniques, I invite to a physical reading of images. My impetus is to surprise the spectator with heterogeneous, unconventional amalgams of visual ensembles. What do you see? How do you receive images? What is still relevant in the contemporary context?

To primarily question the photographic medium itself, I distort the linear narrative, intervening with painting and collages, freely playing with the analogic and the digital. I create a dense, but yet intimate visual language. I search for images that have a direct and a loud impact or on the opposite, that are complicated, subtile and fragile, tinged with mystery, blurring the perception and inviting to question.”

Maya’s portfolio contains several collaborations and has been shown at big art publications and exhibitions in major galleries all over the world.

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