The hypnotic and transcendental art of Hadley Holliday

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Hadley Holliday’s paintings are hypnotic radiating circles that seem to surround you like a dome. They have a cathedral like quality not only visually, but also in their pallet. Often like stained glass letting light in, they emanate sunset colors and cool blue tones. She draws a fine line between control and chaos. Holliday lets the colors pool like watercolors flowing within each quadrant of her radial design while other edges are hard and crisp.

Holliday’s work has a transcendental quality that is meditative and calming. The paintings are reminiscent of how Rothko’s wanted his paintings to be viewed from 19 inches away for longer periods of time. This way the viewer could be surrounded long enough to feel the meditative quality and vibration of colors. Without these viewing specifications Holliday’s work takes the viewer to a similar consciousness. Where you are lost in a pattern and feel like it is hugging you.

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