The intangibility of the self

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This is a layout from a section of a book I’m working on. I don’t work in series; instead I organize work into groups that change and recombine over time. This current layout is the first section of a three part book.

I am interested in the predicament of something infinite being bound up in something temporal. My work focuses on the intangibility of the self; how it is that the ever-changing collection of ideas, memories, and predictions for the future give the impression that there is a “me” that is separate and discreet from all other versions of “me”, and that “me”, at this moment in time, is the true “me”. In my work, I use ordinary objects in such a way as to dislocate them from their normal associations, and hopefully shed the anonymity given by the act of naming an object. I want to give the impression to the viewer that nothing is made up of it’s name, and that all things, “me” included, are in a state of flux.. barely held together as a recognizable phenomenon. I want to make images that flicker back and forth between being a particular nameable group of objects, at a particular time of day, and being reminders of the vastness of non-existence surrounding us.

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