The Permaid locked in her parents house

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Even in the dark, it would be difficult not to notice her. She is a shiny, black mermaid. With no face. She was lost in the ocean, but got washed ashore and can now be found everywhere in LA. She likes latex, blind-dates with hot LA guys, fishy food, and fighting for the rights of Sea World. Meet Permaid, The Persian Mermaid.

Latest news: she is trapped at her parents house in Brentwood. Indefinitely. We follow her on Instagram and thought she looked lonely in this luxury villa. We asked her a few questions about her being kept away from the seaside.

Can you explain to our readers why you call yourself The Persian Mermaid even though you live under the sun of LA?
Permaid: I was raised in LA by a Persian family. They found me washed ashore on the beach as a baby and adopted me.

Do you see the world in black color? Does that make the world a worse place?
Permaid: I can see color like anyone else. And when I look at the world, I look at light, voids and shapes. I am all black, so it’s essential to see where I fit in. If I want some privacy, I’ll head down to the black sand beaches, catch a movie or lurk in an alley near you.

Besides bringing awareness to the injustices of Sea World, is your imagery also aiming to instigate a discussion around the ‘body’ matters? For example, seeing the body more than just a physical object, but also as an instrument that helps conveying meaning?
Permaid: I don’t have facial expressions or speak English without translation. So, my body language is the most effective form of communication. My natural state could be defined as sexy, repulsive, beautiful, ugly, etc. It all depends on the audience.

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If it is not a secret… do you wear underwear or do you feel more liberated without it?
Permaid: I don’t usually wear underwear, but every woman should own some nice lingerie.

Why did you decide to dress up for your latest image series in Brentwood Manor?
Permaid: The shoot was based on a recurring dream I’ve had where I’m locked in my parents house in Brentwood. The clothing could represent a lot of things: repression, conformity, sophistication, protection, etc.

How did you feel in the manor surrounded by luxury?
Permaid: Natural.

If you could have had visitors, would you have invited someone to join you? Who?
Permaid: Lola, the loneliest orca in the world.


When looking at your latest work, you seem to have moved away from the beach. Do you think this move has somehow undermined your initial message to be more conscious about sea pollution and harm to wildlife?
Permaid: I am a semi-aquatic mammal. I permeate both land and sea. Much like everyone else, my natural habitat has become pretty unnatural. Sometimes my message is sent in a bottle or sometimes it’s sent to your inbox. No matter the vessel, the message is intended to harbor awareness.

Do you think people take your message seriously?
Permaid: I hope I’ve brought more attention to the depressing reality of Sea World. It’s hard for some people to accept that the theme park they grew up visiting is really a prison where animals are forcibly confined and denied of all their freedoms. The truth is that these animals all become sick and die prematurely. It’s so sad. I’d like to see this end within my lifetime.


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