The psychedelic, complex rave R&B by NAPO

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The first time I heard about NAPO was 4 years ago, though it is 2009 when he first started taking his music career seriously. Leonas Reckus which is his real full name is a young and inspiring Lithuanian born and based musician. His music takes you in some kind of second level zone of stimulation, where you can be with your own thoughts and ideas. Often he does live performances which are crucial for any musician that wants to connect with his listeners and observe their enjoyment. His music is definitely the final touch for creating a perfect mood.

How do you describe your music style?
Napo: Well, it’s actually a tricky question. I find myself between some kind of space psychedelics and complex bass music. Let’s call it rave r&b.

Do you like performing live?
Napo: Definitely. I consider myself a bedroom producer. I make all of my tracks in my bedroom, so at times you just have to feel some kind of direct feedback. Playing live is, probably, the easiest way to reach such a goal. Moreover, you start to look at your music from a different angle, depending how others are flow-ing with it. And then comes the aura, the atmosphere, the sweat and the heat. Love that.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Napo: I try to remember what have I dreamt during the night, while doing push ups and drinking cold water.

Who is your favourite musician?
Napo: It’s really hard to distinguish anyone, but I know that I’ve always felt a great respect for Flying Lotus.

The latest movie you’ve seen?
Napo: Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar”.

What do you think about contemporary art?
Napo: It’s really diverse nowadays, but I love how fast it evolves, how it integrates into the Internet-age related thematics. It’s hard to catch up with all of the trends, all of the movements and ideas, but it’s exciting!

What are you working on at the moment?
Napo: I’m currently putting some turbulence on my vocal and writing some jazz rave stuff.

What are your future plans?
Napo: Considering the fact that I’ve just released an EP (“Improving Ourselves”), I think I’ll just work on my new material. I hope to play some live shows and finish high school.

How did you decide on your pseudonym NAPO?
Napo: Probably most of the guys who have computers were gamers at some point. All of the gamers have to have some kind of nickname so I had a bunch of crappy ones and one day I just wanted to change it. I came across a calendar with name-days on it and on one day there was a name – Napoleonas (Napoleon). Taking the whole name wouldn’t be so original, so I just removed my name (Leonas) from it and what was left was Napo. It sounded great. Short and clear. It just stuck when I started to write music somehow. I have another gamer nickname now, though.

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