Trash and abandoned memories

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It adorns the asphalt and the sad colours of the grey tiles on the street, with all the colours in the world. It is stinking and contaminated and it sticks to the sole of your shoe or to the paw of your pet. The rats, bugs and insects loves to enjoy it. In Denmark, as in so many other countries, it is in fact illegal to throw or abandon garbage in the city or in the nature. Still many people do not think about it, and they do not realize that they are breaking the law by throwing a can in the verge of a highway, or a broken bottle in the street.

More specifically; one person, had to pay a ticket of 1000 Danish kroner (135 Euro), for littering. He threw napkins and a burger box by a gas station. But these kinds of littering can be said to be known by most, and many have done something like this in a greater or lesser degree without much thought. Tossed cigarette butts, a chewing gum or the wrapping from a quick meal.

All this garbage in cities has, of course, a lot of adverse consequences, affecting both the environment, our mental and physical health, it costs a lot of money to get rid of, and affects the occurrence of crime. There is plenty of good reasons to work together to keep our cities and nature clean.

It may therefore be difficult to find something positive in over-throwing our streets and parks with garbage, but sometimes you can, by looking down, discover more unusual and unique trash, that maybe makes you stop and and think, “how did these orange size 39 glugs get here?” or “Who has left her tampon on the pedestrian street?” . So therefore I have been out in the streets and parks of Copenhagen to document some of these items. And I still wonder, were these objects thrown on purpose, or is there anyone who miss them? What is the story behind these objects? And can alle these different items create a whole new feeling together?

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