Winter In Berlin

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I am turning 24 years old in 4 four days, and I have officially survived my second winter in Berlin. it is already the middle of May but Berlin is still cold. And I do not even care. The winters here are the real thing. Anyone back home in Istanbul, who complains how cold Istanbul is, would be more than welcome to spend a week here in the middle of January.

It is true that Berlin is completely different in winter and summer. It could not actually be more diverse. And so many people find it hard to deal with the coldness of everything. But to me it seems like an excuse to be depressed, because let’s face it, we all love being depressed sometimes. But to me Berlin is always love, happiness and excitement. Winter or summer, my passion never gets any less, on the contrary, I am falling more and more in love with this place. Even when it freezes me to the bones.

But maybe there will be a little sunshine on my birthday. And I can let my legs get some sunshine.

Post by Eylül Aslan,

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