You are a river

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You are a river that doesn’t run to the sea,

With colours similar to something deep blue, or something burgundy.

Sticks and stones, and breaking bones, weight a ton;

But you are light and you just keep on roaring on.

You are a river that has been beaten by the sun,

But a river that never did surrender to none.


You are wild and dangerous waters,

Tempting every adventurous daughter,

To let go of her safe and dry land,

And sink into your warm sand.


You are a wind from the late fall.

You make tree crowns kneel though they are tall –

Shaking and breaking, some even are aching due to your strength;

I am sure you have travelled the longest length.

But you warm hearts with your golden glow,

And only few are lucky to have felt your flowers blow.


You are stormy and sometimes cloudy,

But no one will ever doubt Thee,

Cause you seem powerful as the sea, and strong as the clear air,

And if one day not you will be,

I promise to carry you on my shoulders bare.


Poem by Emma Marie M. Johnsen

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